Friday, September 18, 2009

Kuwait Awaits

Greg and I had the chance to participate in another Triathlon on Sept 6, 2009. I swam 1K, Greg rode 18K, and our friend, Sim Ripley, ran 8K. We earned 3rd place in the Mixed Teams group (there were 10 groups). We were very excited and proud of ourselves. We had no idea that we had placed and so we left before the ceremony...DUMB!

Greg finally gets the opportunity to go overseas to serve his country. You don't know how many times he has lamented over the fact that he has been passed over for the chance to go overseas. In some cases, we didn't want him to go and in others, there was no opportunity. But, within 12 hours of our most recent lament (complaint) to each other, Greg's boss pulled him in to say, "You are going to Kuwait!" We weren't certain if we should be happy or sad. We have since decided that we are glad that he gets to go and thrilled it is Kuwait and not Iraq or Afghanistan. (Although the first thing out of Greg was..."well, is it really serving if I am not serving in the hotspots?" - PUH LEEZE...)

So, 2 weeks from tomorrow, we will be saying good-bye to Greg for one year. He will most likely get a chance to come home for a short break at about the 6th month mark (Guessing March - Spring Break Party Time!) I am certain that will be a great two week break from school!

Unfortunately, after considering the great things he will get to experience in Kuwait (you know, all the hot, sandy land!) we started to realize what he is going to miss while being away. Thanksgiving, Sarah and Zach's birthdays in December, the previously scheduled Disney trip in December, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Bekah's 18th birthday, my birthday (46th if you wanted to know), Easter, Greg's birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, Summer vacation, Bekah's return from school, and our 20th Anniversary. Oh yea, Rachel's 16th birthday!

Those are many things we won't get to share with Greg. We are not complaining, but rather we are just making note. These things will be holidays we will want to remember the most so we can relive them for him when he returns. God is able to do more than we could ever want or imagine. I am grateful that he is going at a time when Skype is a possibility and it is free. Could you imagine saying good-bye to your spouse and only get a smattering of letters occasionally? That had to have been rough. I mean REALLY rough. We have it pretty easy these days. Our men are often not sitting in tents and in trenches. The war of today is very different and more civilized for the soldier (not necessarily easier!)

We are grateful and count our blessings each day. We fully expect him to return unscathed but we also know the dangers of war - anywhere - and have to rely on the Lord to get us through those "what ifs." So, pray with us as he prepares. We especially ask for prayers for Sarah and Zach who are the youngest. Missing their daddy may be especially difficult. Also for Bekah as she is away as he departs. Rachel will be learning to drive without her dad around for the whole time (yes, he is rejoicing that he won't have to do that training!) Pray for my patience as I prepare to be a single parent for a year. May the Lord keep me in His arms and may I continue to seek His guidance!

(As i was writing this Greg was home for the day playing with Zach. They were screaming as they wrestled, I was trying to talk on the phone to Bekah while Sarah was screeching as she was pulled into the wrestling! Needless to say, I need lots of prayers on the patience part - lost my cool in about 3 seconds! Yikes. He isn't even gone yet!!!)

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alainaw30 said...

Wow! I didn't realize it was going to be a year. Praying, praying, praying!