Friday, November 13, 2009

One month down and 11 to go!

Just realized that Monday, November 16, will mark the one month date of Greg being in country. He has managed to get a bit settled there but is not quite used to the schedule. They guys (and girls) work pretty much seven days a week from about 8 - 7pm. They do get about 4 hours off on Sunday for chapel. Greg hasn't quite gotten into the swing of things such that he is easing up in the evening so he can get to his room and wind down. In the states, you have the weekend to do the desert, you don't. So, giving it all 11 hours a day, 7 days a week can get pretty old quickly if you aren't careful to pace yourself. Hpefully Greg will learn some new words - pacing, wind down, go home! This would be great for him to learn so that when he returns he has some semblance of pacing, winding down, and coming home! :)


The kids have been doing quite well given this situation. However, Zach gets sad every few days and wants to see his daddy. He told me yesterday, "Mom, I never want you to go away for a year like daddy." He was very sweet and tender. He has been especially touchie feelie. He is constantly in my lap, holding my hand and running his fingers through my hair. He really needs that physical touch and he is just precious! He comes in bed each morning just to be with me.

Sarah seems to be doing fine. She gets very excited when she gets to skype with her dad. She will spend so much time just telling him what is going on, what she has made, what she did in school, what she is wearing, etc. Very girlie stuff. She does love her daddy but seems pretty resilient and confident he will be home before we know it.

Rachel is doing well. She does seem to have a need to talk to him or skype with him. She will say hello and talk to him, don't get me wrong, but she doesn't have that overwhelming need to share anything with him. She is just trying to make it through 10th grade right now!

Bekah is away at college and having more experiences (good and bad) than I care to elaborate. Suffice it to say, she has a lot more learning going on than just book learnin'! GOD is good and we see that through all that she has experienced! Looking forward to this semester being over and done with, I guarantee.

Other than that, I am making it. Each day seems to get easier. That makes it nice. Getting into a groove of picking up the slack makes the house run a bit smoother. Just wanting the next 11 months to fly by!

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Holly said...

One day at a time. That's how I do it. We just hit 4 months down. Tony's grandma died this morning and he can't come home. (sigh) it's all part of the service I guess.
Hold Fast to HIM.