Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Return to the REAL World

I had great intentions to make blog posts regularly, but realize I am not capable of more than 10 requirements at once.  Therefore, something had to give and blog posting (along with other things) were set to the wayside.  I am OK with this as Facebook has chronicled our lives in Europe and thus, is anyone really missing anything if they do not read my blog?  Does anyone really care?  Nope.  But, it is a good way to remember where we have come from, where we are currently, and you guessed it, where we are headed.

Unfortunately, time is running out and so the post has to be short (for a change).  I am currently seeking a position for next year when we leave the military and move on to the "real" world as people call it.  But, frankly, what is the real world?  Is it a world (especially the USA), where there is no concept of personal responsibility?  Is it a world where the bigger is better?  A world where "I have "rights" and you better respect them - because if you do not, I will litigate until you do?"  That is not a world in which I am looking forward to returning.

This world - the military and overseas world - is a world where we have no "rights" unless they are spelled out in a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).  We cannot tell the Europeans how to run their businesses - we have to abide by their rules.  We do not get to strike if we do not get what we want.  We do not get to say "no" to a task that has been "ordered' of our husbands.  Yet, in this world we have the most amazing people.  Yes, there are some spoilers who do not get it, but overall, there are many who do.  This life is REAL.

This life reminds us daily what is important.  It isn't about "me" or "us" or "they."  It is about "Him."  It is about being responsible with what we have been given.  It is about caring about others more than caring about ourselves.  Being a good neighbor.

Well I have rambled on long enough.  I hope to update the goings on of the Hutchinson clan soon.  Until then "Tchuss"!