Saturday, November 8, 2008


Hello friends!
We are finally moving. I am so excited. We take off to Atlanta on Dec 11th ish! Of course, that will be short lived since we will be receiving our goods on the 12th and then coming back to finish cleaning, etc. I also have to work through the 16th of Dec.

The family is the family that I posted about last time. he is a BMW worker and he has a wife and 2 kids. They are sweet and I am looking forward to being their landlord! Pray that nothing goes wrong with the house! I want to it be easy and problem free for them but also for us.

This also means that I will be giving the privilege of schooling my children at home. We can't take this privilege lightly. You never know what a Marxist in office might do to take away that freedom. We need to be able to educate our children at home without government influence. Let's pray and fight to keep that freedom!

Well, there are so many things to do to prepare. United Van lines came over yesterday to survey our goods. Sure enough, they brought some wonderful materials to help the children prepare for the move. She brought a little stuffed animal, a truck that will look like the one that takes our goods, and two books about moving. I was so grateful. This is the first time any moving company thought about my family in this way. Given that military move a lot, I think this should be a given that moving books, toys be provided to families. What an awesome idea.

Being a door to door move, things seem like they will go smoothly. I am so looking forward to being settled on the military installation. I believe it is going to be a wonderful experience for the children but mostly for me! Easy traffic to the grocery store! Greg will get to come home for lunch and we will have this great backyard to play in! It is amazing! I will post a pic!

I love my family, my life, my God, my country and my friends! Instead of God Bless America, we all need to start saying, "America, Bless God!" Amen?