Saturday, September 27, 2008

A possible silver lining

So here it is - last Wed and I get the urge (whatever you want to call it - leading from the Holy Spirit) to call the Christian Radio station and ask for prayer for the house to sell. I call, but no one answers. I call again and again but I don't get through. So, I forget it. The next morning, I am "urged" to call again. I get on the phone and make the call. This time, no one answers. I decide to call back and the phone rings and rings but is finally answered. I tell the person on the other line my request to have my house prayed over for the sale. Get this....

He further asks about the house which I thought odd. He then asks its location and some other information like, "would you be willing to lease it?" Shocked I told him I would prefer to sell but would consider renting. Sure enough he is in the market for a house and he currently resides at his in-laws home right down the street (about a mile!)

Fast Forward to Saturday. I hadn't heard anything from him since but didn't get concerned. I am at peace about the house (well, most of the time) and decide that I will just wait. Greg on the other hand, has been praying like a maniac for this opportunity and sure enough, at about 1:00p we get the call from the radio station guy - he is in the neighborhood and would love to see it. He comes with his family and checks out the house. Still praying for the sale, but they are praying about it.

If nothing else, we had a wonderful 45 minutes of sharing with this lovely family. They too homeschool their children and we had the joy of sharing experiences. They were so sweet. We were truly blessed to meet them today and I pray we might remain friends regardless. God is truly in control and we completely KNOW He understands where we are and is using this for our own growth but now I believe for the growth of others. I have been able to share my story of trust with a lady at work who is completely amazed at my peace. I openly share how the Holy Spirit has worked in the situation and she is really interested in what I have in Him! So, I am grateful to share with her my faith.

The Lord knows and I am completely trusting despite my own personal, selfish confusion! God is so good and i cannot complain. He has always proven faithful.