Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I am in awe of the fact that when summer begins on June 14th, it seems to fly by, but when it starts the end of May, it seems to drag on. I cannot believe I am gearing up for another school year! But, I am truly excited that I will be teaching for Liberty University at the same time. Thankfully, Rachel will take a few classes at the high school (Patch American HS), Sarah will be home full time taking online courses with Liberty University Academy, and Zach will be in school full time (Robinson Barracks ES) so he can get speech services. I get the best of both worlds...homeschooling and public schooling. I am good with that for now!

Greg continues to work so many hours we cannot even count them anymore. If he goes in at 7:30am and doesn't arrive home until close to 10pm, EVERY night, that would be like 14 1/2 hours right? That's 5 days a week and so that is like 75 hours...OH MY! That's just wrong. We went on an anniversary trip recently and for him to go, he had to stay in the office until 5am on the day we left...22 hours straight. Yeah, I am less than thrilled...as is he of course! But we did enjoy our anniversary trip to Scotland. What a beautiful countryside. The view from the plane was amazing. I wouldn't necessarily go back to Edinburgh, but I know my husband really wanted to check that off of his list of place to visit before we leave here. Given that he works so much, I wanted to bless him with "his choice" - Scotland wouldn't have been one of my top 100! But, I am glad we went, it was really nice to get away from kids and work and spend some good, quality time together. Scotland is worth it!

Since my last blog post, which by the looks of it was like 10 months ago, we have encountered many challenges, triumphs, and struggles. All of them have caused us to grow. Whether we are able to reap those benefits right now, or later, they were worth the time spent. I am certain God will be using them to purify our hearts towards Him. I have been encouraged recently to pray "God whatever you need to do to me (or my family) to make me a woman after your heart, I am willing to walk through with you." This was the scariest prayer after reading so many books about the struggles of parents with children. I so don't want to walk a path of difficulty, but if that is the path I need to walk so that I can please Him...I WILL! Lord, I will!

The children are doing well for the most part. As a parent, I have had a new respect for my parents in a way nothing could explain or teach except experience. I know it was a different time, but I don't think moms are different. How my parents were able to say good-bye to my brothers and sister boggles my mind. I always remembered the leaving, but never realized how the sadness could linger for so long. I don't look forward to a short 12 months from now when I launch another out of the house. Why didn't someone tell me about this part...I always thought the younger years were the hardest. NOPE. These are the hardest years hands down! Have I done enough? Have I taught them enough? Have I prepared them? Will they still want to have a relationship with the family after they are gone? Seeing that I have a relationship with my mom now and always have had, I am guessing it will be OK, right? Tell me it will be ok!

In the last year we have visited Prague, France (went to see the Tour de France), Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, and Scotland. We are getting around! Berlin and Rome are next on the agenda! Pictures to follow. Until then, we enjoy what we have left of summer and get ready to launch our kids into a Senior in High School (Rachel), last year of Middle School (Sarah), and Fourth Grade (Zach). What fun it will be! Oh and Bekah is a senior in college...but at this point, she is already launched as she now lives in the states full-time and works herself through school!