Friday, December 5, 2008

Moving Day

Before I talk about moving day - I wanted to mention that Sarah decided to be baptized and her daddy had the pleasure of doing it. So cool!

Moving day is slowly approaching. Of course, that is a joke. It is coming way too fast. I don't have the time to do all the things I need to do. I really don't even have time to do this blog, but I figured it is a bit of stress relief to me.

We are looking forward to this move as it has been anticipated for over 14 months now. Yes, all the way back to last September when Greg was given the information that we would have to be on the move again. Thankfully, this was the impetus for Greg to move to IG and we are happily moving to a great position that will prepare us for retirement. Yes, that is right. AT the ripe old age of 47 or 48, Greg will be officially retired from the military. Thus, we are getting ready for that transition. This will also be about the time that Bekah will graduate from college, Rachel will go off to college, Sarah will start high school and Zach, well, he will be in about the 4th grade. Oh yea, I am hoping to graduate then too! I am preparing for the ole' Dr. Hutchinson title. Needless to say, that time will be hectic. Of course, I am not getting anxious for something that might happen in the future. We all know that today has enough worries of its own. But, it is fun to speculate where we will be in just a few short years.

Back to the topic. The move is coming along. I have been able to get the house ready by cleaning out toy bins, taking things to goodwill, and reorganizing shelves. It has been very difficult but it will be good. Greg remains in Atlanta but will come home tomorrow to begin working on his own things that he needs to organize for the move.

In the midst of all of that we have a few things going on this weekend. Sarah has a birthday party for herself on Sat from 10-12, at 1 Rachel has to be at Scrooge (she is in the orchestra), and then we are watching the play at 2. Sarah has to be to the church at 5 for her performance at the Christmas production at church which we will go to see. Bekah will be working during the day but has to come home to study for finals on Monday. We have to pick up Rachel from the second performance Sat night at 9:30pm. On Sunday, we have church and then at 4 a birthday party for Zach at Chuckie Cheese. Yes, I am insane. no question about it.

I do stop and pause though and wonder what the Lord is doing in all of this. Each of us has our own struggles with this move. Bekah is angry about leaving all of her friends, Rachel is frustrated she is leaving all of her jobs, Sarah is torn about leaving school and Zach is going to miss his Awana friends. Personally, I have detached myself from people over the last few years. Bekah calls me "Robot Mom" as it appears to her that I am not affected by this move. I have had to convince her that I am affected but I can't fall apart as I have to move on. What has God done in my life since moving here? The things that the Lord has done is absolutely amazing. I have seen him develop me intellectually in my work, prepared me for working on my doctorate, and challenged me spiritually to know what I know that I know. I have had to defend my faith more in these last few years than I ever have before. I have been encouraged by friends in so many ways. The internet venue has been successful at stimulating so many conversations about Truth. Unfortunately, I have also seen it used to spit out hate statements and flames that in person, would not have been spewed. But God is using it.

I have been challenged to confront my whining. I have complained and questioned. None of these are necessarily sinful, but at times, they have been problematic. How many times have I looked at God's gifts and said, "You know, it really wasn't what I wanted but okay." How has that statement affected me when one of my children have said the very same thing to me after being given a gift I had so carefully chosen. The discontent that I would see in their face just broke my heart. How does the Lord feel when I do that?

Anyway, we leave this place but still have a cord attached. The house having not sold keeps us related to this area. An area that we might even call home someday in a few years when we are retiring! Until then, "home is where the Army sends us!"