Thursday, June 18, 2009

June is almost over!

We have already had a wonderful start to summer. This picture is Zach playing soccer. Both Rachel and Sarah played on their respective teams and all had a wonderful time of getting into shape and learning a great skill. We are almost through June and we have more in store.

Well this weekend is the big weekend. Not only will my father come to visit us for a few weeks, Bekah and I will be completing our very first ever Triathlon! We are more than excited with a lot of nervousness mixed in! We have been working out for weeks now. Running, swimming and biking have been the main focus of our days. We have also learned some great words like "Brick work." No, we aren't building anything - that is what you call it when you do two parts of your triathlon back to back. Most people do biking-running brick work as that seems to be the most difficult part of the triathlon and I completely agree. Getting out of the saddle and attempting to use my legs for anything besides holding myself up is a feat in itself. Now, try to go and run within 2 minutes (average time of transition). It is quite humorous.

Anyway, we are completely ready for what is in store for us. That does not mean we think we are going to kick butt by attempting to even be in the top 15 of our age group. Rather, we just want to make certain that we cross the finish line. Being 45, I am now in the low end of the 45-50 age group. I looked at times last year, and I am not even close in my run but my swim and bike aren't too bad. Bekah on the other hand, God love her. She isn't even close and fears being the last in the 15-19 year old group. We are hoping that in the heat of it all, we won't care. Our thoughts are just to finish and so I hope she can do it. She has a competitive side though!

I think this summer is going to be an OK time for our family. There is little pressure to do anything special. I do have a course I am going to go to at Liberty University. It is one of the final 5 I need to finish before I begin my dissertation. I am psyched and ready to get this doctorate finished. It will be just in time for Greg to retire and then for him to finish his dissertation and doctorate. We are really thinking that we will go ahead and retire to Tampa, FL since he is ABD (all but dissertation) at University of South Florida. That will be a great time for us as we both made sacrifices and had to quit our PhD programs before we were finished. I am grateful that we will be able to do this.

Well, I have pictures of the pollywog turned frog. We watched in amazement as that tadpole morphed into its current state. We did let it go back to the wild (which means it probably became snake food) but we enjoyed the mystery of it.
This picture is the release!

Enjoy your summer. Make life worth living for you and for those around you!

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shgamel said...

Good luck on the tri-athelon this weekend. What a memory-maker-mother you are. One day, they will rise up and call you blessed!!!!!
Praying too for your Dad. Isn't it amazing how spiritual truths can be learned from physical realities. You dad's vision was impaired due a heart problem...Lord, may my spiritual heart strengthen my vision of You!

Have a blessed day my friend. He sees and knows all you do for your family and friends...and He is pleased!