Monday, May 4, 2009

Were we really settled in Atlanta in my last post - More like wishful thinking

I am shocked and amazed that it has been over 4 months of living in Atlanta. It seems some days we have lived here for a week, and then at other times, when the tiny walls are closing in, I feel that we have lived here for years. The joys and sorrows appear to be more pronounced here in this tiny place. The walls, being hospital white, only add to the unfriendliness of the place we call home. But, on the brighter side, the recreation is fantastic. The bowling alley down the way is an on-post perk, the tennis courts with lights, and the free fully-loaded work out gyms can't be beat. One cannot escape the beauty of nature right here in the belly of downtown Atlanta. We have gorgeous miniature forests to explore along with rolling hills and an 18 hole golf course.

The other day the children and Greg went to find a tadpole. Sarah, in her science curriculum, is to watch metamorphosis in action. So, being the good homeschooling dad, Greg took them to the creek by the shooting range (yep, have one of those too). Lo and behold, they were met by a cottonmouth snake that struck at Greg's stick. Whew. Arms and legs were supposedly flying in all directions to high tail it out of that part of the creek. Anyway, down a bit they found, not just a little tadpole, but a gigantic pollywog. This thing has to be 6 inches long. It is going to be one huge toad/frog. Later, they found a crawfish that was getting ready to molt. The kids really enjoyed observing nature. They also caught a caterpillar. After its capture they placed him in a box, and thankfully, it spun its cocoon the next day. Science abounds at the Hutchinson abode. Can't get any better in homeschooling than that! (At least for the science portion anyway!)

The house is growing on us - or we are growing on it - probably more the latter than the former, but we are surviving our quarters. Greg is getting home a little earlier each night. Even though it might only be minutes earlier than the day before, we are rejoicing. Zach seems to be the most excited of the children of Greg's return each day, but that has to warm Greg's heart. Hearing the son yell, "Daddy's home" while bounding up the steps must instill joy unspeakable. That is the reason for living these days! Joy, joy, joy - unspeakable joy!

So, we live another week, another month in the bowels of Atlanta but have gratefully found the beauty within the ashes. One should only choose blessings to ponder. Thinking upon things that are depressing, wastes brain power!