Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weeks just keep ticking on by....

It is now September 18th.... It is shocking to me that the kids will have been in school now for 4 weeks. Actually a little more than 4 weeks. I am so determined to get them home soon but I just cannot do so until we have either a renter or the house sold. It kills me to think they will spend a school year in public school. Although the school is great and I am pleased with the work output of Sarah, I am discontent as I am the one to be teaching her.

I know things will be normal again someday. I know it isn't as long as I FEEL it is going to take, but the day to day waiting can be painstaking. The Lord has been very kind and I have been stretched in my faith beyond my expectation. I do trust Him and I do trust that He knows what He is doing through all of this. I am certain I will look back on all of this and see the Hand of God. I just wish I could see His hand right now - moving and working. Until then, I just wait. What else can I do?

The kids are doing very well in school. I am very pleased that they have adjusted to this craziness with such finesse. They are truly amazing children. They are both far more resilient than I ever imagined.

Work has been great. I truly love what I do. I am so thankful for this job and the opportunity to help families. (I would rather be helping my own, but I am grateful for my training)! I have so enjoyed my new school and going back to my old school to work with the staff there was very comforting. It is a "known" and that makes my transition back to work, easier. I am in the process of getting my credentials in line for a position in GA. I am hoping to do some work there for the school district on a contract basis. That would be very flexible but allow me to make some extra spending money in the process! That is always nice.

Greg continues to make the trek back and forth from Atlanta home each week. He shared with me that he gets very excited on Thurs nights as he knows he gets to pack and be ready to leave the house for the weekend on Friday morning. That makes him happy and I am excited for him. I know it is hard on him to be away but I know the Lord is going to use that time to work on Greg. I don't want any learning opportunities to be missed. So, if it takes weeks, months, (God forbid) years to teach us - then let's get started. Until we learn, we remain!

God is truly our Savior. He knows so much more than we can imagine and we have to just sit in awe of His grace and mercy.