Thursday, January 14, 2010


2010 is here! It seems like only yesterday we were saying good-bye to Greg and now it will be 3 months on Saturday that he has been in country (Kuwait). The thought of all of the milestones Greg is going to miss is looming over my head these past few days. I guess it all came about when we thought we were going to be together at Easter in Germany. Then Greg told me that he is actually leaving from Germany one day before Easter! I would be sitting in Germany on Easter in a hotel room with the kids, and nowhere to go. I got frustrated and angry! I was thinking - why would the only holiday out of the year that Greg would actually be with us, we screwed up the dates and it won't happen!

This got me to go into a pity party over the many other milestones. In about a month, Rebekah, our first born, will be turning 18. Greg will miss this milestone. Not that there is anything special planned for that day (although I did think of a few things)...but Greg wouldn't be here to participate in it. But I decided not to go further. The thought of all the milestones was too hard for me to bear, and I realized that I am whining.

A good friend of mine told me that one time a military spouse was complaining to her husband and he flat out said, "Suck it up, cupcake!" So, I am sucking it up and going to stop my pity party and maybe even eat a cupcake! LOL

As we begin our new study in PWOC called Esther by Beth Moore, I came to realize that even in this - God is there. Although we cannot see him, or even hear his name, He is there in all of this. So, I am grateful for this time in the desert to really see what God would like to do with me - a lowly wretch of a woman with a heart for the Lord.

May the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob be the focus of my 2010. May I see the positive in what the Lord is doing, even when I don't understand. May I rest in Him even when I don't feel His presence! Come on 2010, Bring it on!