Sunday, August 24, 2008

TOTAL CHANGES in the Hutchinson House

Wow! A whirlwind has occurred in the house. So many things have changed in just 7 days. Last weekend, while doing the bills I realized that we just couldn't make it each month while waiting for the house to sell. So, I sent an email to my previous boss to see if there was some contract work to be had. That very same morning, a psychologist had resigned and my boss didn't know what to do. I was an answer to her prayers! Who would have thunk? I was an answer to someone's prayers. She asked when I could begin work and I said I could begin on Wed. So I am not employed Tues, Wed and Thurs of each day.

Well, this was a Monday and on Tuesday, I thought I had worked out a solution with my daughter teaching my youngest. But Tues morning, after only being in school now for about 7 days, she gave me an ugly fit about doing some basic math. I thought, "How in the world is my oldest going to do this?" So, I took Sarah to the local public school and enrolled her and Zach. That took everything out of me, but I know it is for a short time. Sarah is learning that she will be happy to return to home schooling! AS will I!!!

So, work began and life has had a few bumps in trying to figure out getting up schedule, making lunch schedule, and car riding vs. bus riding. It is going well so far and we will continue this until the Lord tells otherwise.

We remain praying for the Lord to sell the house as soon as possible so we can be together again. I have looked into working in the GA public schools so that we can move to Atlanta. Greg will take possession of a home on post on or about October 1st. This is great news but also sad news that he will be in our house without us. So, I am praying for a position in GA that I can get there quick.

Well, that is the craziness. Greg's grandfather is also struggling with cancer and he is there visiting him and hoping to share the Lord with him. May JB be open to the healing of Jesus.

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