Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stress and Decisions must be Given to God

Well, the long awaited arrival of Bekah home from Romania was nearing and we were getting anxious here at the house. The kids and I were watching the computer hourly because we could watch her plane and where it was located over the Atlanta as she flew the 10 hour flight to JFK. We were thrilled to see it nearing NY and then the craziness hit. Apparently bad weather sent the plane to Hartford, CT. Unfortunately CT does not have customs so they could no deplane. Rather they sat there for 2 hours to refuel and wait for clearance.

They got it at about 9pm and then flew into JFK at 10:30pm. Bekah's connection had long left or long been cancelled by this point (we aren't really sure what happened to it). But, she went through customs quickly thinkng there might be another flight. Well, she got in line at ticketing, along with the other 500 passengers stranded already. No food on this side of security mind you! The line creeped along, if you can call it that, and she finally got to talk to ticketing at 5:30am!!!! I got on the phone with the man and told him of my concern that she was sitting OUTSIDE of a secure area, but he didn't care. His response, "She's old enough." Old enough for what immediately went through my head, but keeping my composure, I pushed for assistance to no avail. She was stuck. THey would not give a boarding pass until 6 hours before her flight (that was currently scheduled for 4:25pm!!!!!!!) Not being a patient mother (or person, in general). I continued to call Delta over and over to get some help. Finally about 10:15am I was greeted on the phone by a woman who understood my pleas as she too had a 16 year old daughter and could completely relate. She got my daughter wait-listed on 2 flights that were due in well before her 4:25 departure.

Bekah attempted to get on the first one but it disappeared into thin air. That plane was no where to be found. So, she went to the next one at 1:55 to arrive at 4:34. SHE GOT ON! She was number 15 on the wait list, but they got her on! I was so excited. Unfortunately it ended up not taking off until 3PM and arrived into ATL at 5:56pm! baggage was, however, no where to be found.

I am glad to report, the bag just arrived at my front door as I type! Halleluiah. Bekah and her dad arrived home from ATL at about 11:30pm last night. My daughter was safe and sound asleep in her bed. It was good to have my family all together.

As much as my 2nd oldest daughter, Rachel, didn't miss her oldest nemesis, I know she was happy to see her this morning. THey have a love/hate relationship that will carry them through any tough times to come. Sarah, she made signs for Bekah's return and was disheartened when she was told to go to bed at 9:45p because Daddy had stopped to have a sit down dinner with Bekah instead of fast food drive through so Bekah could get home to her momma (or maybe so her momma could see her baby - not sure which takes precedence but you get the idea!) Zach had prayed for Bekah each night and anxiously awaited her arrival until it was time for him to go to sleep as well.

What the Lord did in this girl's life is going to be seen throughout her lifetime. I know she was eternally changed by this. I am so grateful that she could have this opportunity. I am grateful to the Lord for his provisions of finances, opportunity and safety. He is so good and worthy to be praised! Be a blessing to others. Always.

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