Friday, August 29, 2008

Greg is home

After 2 long weeks away, Greg has returned home for a long 4 day weekend. The kids are happy to see him as am I. We have just laughed and played today. Actually, in the morning, Greg got to go with us to take the Sarah and Zach to school. He had the chance to relive his childhood by walking down the halls of this very neat school. The teachers were very friendly and he even got to meet the principal. She was flattered by his compliments to the staff and the school.

After they were dropped off, we just enjoyed the morning with coffee at MacDonalds. Nice to just get to talk to him again without kids interrupting. Greg hates that (I am so used to it I don't even notice it) and so this was a pleasant morning. We talked about "stuff" and it was nice. The Cubbies are in first place along with the White Sox. We joked about a Cubs/ChiSox world series. That would not be fun.

I took Bekah around to look for jobs and get a new phone as hers was having technical difficulties. She then went to Best Buy to apply for a job. Getting back on the internet, she applied at Bloom and then at CVS!

We pray we have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and praise God that we can be together, even for only a few days.

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