Thursday, December 24, 2009


In 5 minutes it will be Christmas in Atlanta, GA. I am more than blessed in many ways and then in others, I have to wonder what I did wrong to deserve. I am partly kidding, but in some ways, not so much.

Having endured over 2 months of Greg being gone, I thought the separation would be easier than it is. I guess I didn't realize how much I do lean on him for strength. I guess that old adage, "you don't realize what you had til it's gone" is quite appropriate. I took him for granted in that area, I suppose.

Him being gone has been roughest on Zach. I think he is doing well given the circumstances, but he is definitely struggling at times. He has done a great job in taking care of things around the house (garbage, recycling, etc.) and is one to help out when asked. he will even ask voluntarily to assist with this or that. But, his daddy was the one that put him to bed and slept with him (he wasn't supposed to, but Greg can sleep anywhere, anytime). So, he misses that special contact. That is something I can't provide right now with schooling.

Sarah and Zach both enjoyed birthdays this month. Sarah celebrated 11 years on the 10th and enjoyed her new DS game. Zach on the other hand, enjoyed turning 7 and we were at Disney during his birthday. Thankfully he had gotten the stomach bug 24 hours before that and was feeling quite himself on his birthday. We went putt putt golfing in FL with gma and gpa. Upon returning to Atlanta, he was able to open his car track in which Dale Earnhardt Jr. is racing Jeff Gordon. this was huge since Zach loves Gordon and his friend David loves Earnhardt. Perfect gift!!

Rachel is trying to keep her head above water in school. 10th grade is sucking the life out of her. But, this too shall pass. She enjoys playing with her hair, trying new styles, doing nails, designing new outfits, etc. She is really very funny and very, very sweet. She is a lot of fun to be around and I am praying that she will stay at home and go to college instead of going away. I will miss her too much.

Bekah was picked up from school and then whisked off to Orlando for the week. The first semester of college was okay to her but she was chewed up a bit with a little spitting out to go with it. She survived and frankly, that is a good thing. I am believing that her 2nd semester, if she makes some changes, will be a far better semester for her. Bekah is more than capable but sometimes she fails at the easy stuff. If she can get that down, she will go far!

Greg is maintaining himself in Kuwait. He reported that being in Kuwait is like Groundhog day every single day. It is the same day in and day out. sometimes you can't even remember which day it is, as they all seem the same (except Sunday when you have 4 hours off in the morning). This has to be hard on everyone there. I think about those dads who have little babies at home, or pregnant wives. Then the moms who had to leave their kids behind. How rough that must be. Being away during a holiday has to be the hardest part. But, it will get better. October 2010 will come quickly. We will be together before long.

My schooling is coming along...I have this class coming up in January (week long intensive) that I have to do. Once that is finished, I have 2 courses and then my dissertation. It is happening! Halleluiah. I am so looking forward to this being over and finished. I wish I would have finished it 17 years ago, but that is is getting done now!

Well, I just pray that this Christmas is a blessing to my kids and my husband and we see God's hand even when we don't SEE it!

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