Friday, August 5, 2011

A blast from the blindside

Never saw that one coming. I have prided myself (that always causes problems when one prides themselves on something) on looking ahead and seeing what is to come, but no one could have prepared me for this one.

I won't get into the specifics because in actuality, those specifics don't really matter. What matters more, is recognizing what it is. Sin. Simple as that. When I realized that I didn't see it coming, it was because I wasn't on the look out for sin like I am supposed to be. Been in all the classes, have the tee-shirt kind of thing, I know to be on the lookout for sin. But, complacency had set in. I have sat in that easy chair of life and kicked back believing that my sights were aimed in all the right directions and all I had to do was just pull the lever so I could sit up straight in my easy chair and then blast them with whatever weapon I currently had at my disposal. However, not every sin uses the same weapon. I didn't see the enemy come in this shape ever before and my weapon that I used on other sins I saw in my sight was not adequate for this one! I needed the Word of God and frankly, my past weapon has been my insight and knowledge ABOUT scripture, instead of scripture proper.

But now I am prepared. Well, maybe not prepared, but rather preparing... I am constantly on the lookout now and my bazooka (the Word of God) is aimed in the right direction. This is going to be a battle. A battle of epic proportion. A battle I intend to win since the right weapon will now be employed. Thank you Father for equipping ME - all of us - with your Word. THE sword for battle. The rest of the armor is going on and I am going in. Back me up people...I will need the support.

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alainaw30 said...

Praying wisdom, discernment, humility, and direct aim from your Bazooka. Love you, Lorene :)