Saturday, December 20, 2008

In the new house

Well, we have finally arrived in Atlanta. Some of us came on Dec 11th to receive the goods and then some of us had to go back to Greenville, SC to finish up the remaining items/tasks that had to be done for the renters. Painting, cleaning, and repairing the house was fairly easy just tedious. I stayed in Greenville to finish work on Mon/Tues and then Rachel was in the production of Scrooge (orchestra) and so she had to finish the final productions that weekend also.

So, the remaining family went back to Atlanta on Sunday night leaving me to do the remaining work. It was okay but very busy on top of work.

We said good-bye to our church family the week before and that was a less than warm good-bye. But, it isn't that big of a deal as the church has known we were leaving for like 16 months. So when it actually happened it was a "oh, you aren't gone yet?" kind of reaction. So, no blame no foul. Just sad. Sad for the kids, sad for the girls and sad for Zach too. Have received some lovely emails/notes that my family is missed. Those were sweet and will be remembered.

We now embark on another journey. Bekah is not happy to have left Greenville and her friends. She connected to that place and the people. She will surely miss those who have loved her and stroked her genius! Yes, she does love center of attention. I think that the internet has been a lifesaver for her. I remember moving away and going to college and never seeing a soul from school. Nowadays, you can reconnect with everyone and even blog! Not that anyone will ever read this!

Rachel is so ready to be somewhere stable and I believe she would love to find a close friend. But, she continues to say that a friend doesn't matter. I know it does. She was able to meet someone right before we left (Leah Jansen) and then hit it off tremendously. So, I know a friend would be great for her. Maybe this post will have someone.

Sarah has already found a few girls that she has attached to and have attached to her. She misses her friends very much but realizes she can wallow in self-pity or make the best of this situation we are dealt. She has chosen the latter. I am proud of her.

Zach is happy go lucky with lots of little boys to play with in the neighborhood. They all seem to congregate at my house! Go figure. The one that my daughter says is "intimidating" is the place where they all want to be! Yes, I am strict but I am fun too!

I am not sure how I feel about this move. The stress is going to do me in I think. OK not really, but it is a bit overwhelming at times. I am not certain I can keep up the family at this rate. We did take a walk as a family tonight and that was good. It was refreshing to be out together for a change.

We found out today that Greg had not been taking his meds in a few days and now it all makes sense. He has been a bear and we now all know why! He confessed at dinner and everyone was relieved to know it was for that reason! Thank God there is a magic pill!

Until we find a church, we are going to go and visit Eagle's landing First Baptist again. We did enjoy the church when we were apart of it years ago, but we would like something smaller. Until we are able to find something else, we need to go somewhere. We will have a chance to reconnect to some old friends and that will be good. May our Christmas be one that focuses on Christ and not on us. He is way more important than the piddly stuff we deal with daily!


Suren said...

Hi Lorene and Greg,

Merry christmas!! Lost your contact the last 2 years. Last year's christmas card was returned.

Great to know you guys are doing well. Drop us a line when you get some time. Greg you still look the same (lost the moustache)
Suren (
Smita (

We are in Denver, and if you are in the area please visit.


Suren, Smita, Anjali, Matthew and Alisha.

My journey said...

I read your blog! And I miss you terribly! I thank God for the internet so we can stay connected! I pray your family finds peace and settles in quickly! Love ya, my sister!