Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just the same O same O

Well, here we are and little has changed. However, there is some exciting news to share. The market seems to have picked up a bit, and that is good. However, we have only seen the prices come down. That isn't good given our circumstances. But that is OK. We are prepared either way.

Well, yesterday (Fri) we showed the property to some people interested in renting it. We are considering that as we can then make a little more headway on the mortgage front. The guy works for BMW as an engineer. He helped to design the hybrid from BMW! He is here now to oversee the production with a leave date of May 2010. Now that was absolutely what we were looking for - someone to rent it until that summer when we could put it back on the market. So, is that our answer? We don't know because....

That same day, we received a call that someone wanted to show it for "sale"! That always makes my heart go pitter patter. So, we showed it today to the interested purchasers. Don't know how it went really. They were somewhat quiet. Then, the renter people came back to see it again. They stayed for a bit and that was nice to meet the wife and children. They would be fabulous renters! Really. I just have such a great feeling about them.

Then, we have the men standing outside of the house for sale next door. I asked them if they were interested in seeing the neighbor's home and they told me that they would like to see it but the realtor was late. So, I invited him to see my home. He told me that he was going to try to see my home as well but later in the day. Since it was just shown, it was perfect timing. So, he came in and seemed to like it. So, one showing today turned into a 2nd showing and then another showing. That was great!

The renters want the house but they are being very kind and letting me wait to see what happens with the showings we had today. They would like an answer by Wed. I am thrilled. I feel so relieved to know that they want our home to rent, and relieved to see the market pick up. I would want to sell it now, but maybe we do need to wait!

Decisions decisions decisions! God is in all of it.

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