Sunday, August 3, 2008

New to Blogging

Well, I figure since we move A LOT, it makes sense to keep in touch via blogging for those that do not facebook, myspace, IM or call. Since I have no idea what my email addy is going to be when we move to Atlanta, why not set up a blog that will always be there?

I am excited to keep in touch with those that already blog but even more excited to make sure I maintain relationships that are important to me. Please sign up for my blog so you can get an email when I update it. Also, you can contact me via my blog! Cyberspace is the greatest meet-up place!

blessings to you!


Rena said...

Enjoy your new life in blog land! I'm sure it will help folks stay in touch wiht you. I am surprised how many people have written me to tell me they read my blog daily. I hope move goes smoothly.
Rena in WI

sarahjstevens said...

I just started a blog as well. I have a question foor a fellow blogger, "How do you sign up for updates to blogs?" I would like to tell my friends how but don't know. Also, I definately need to figure out how to add pictures. So cool of you and your daughter.